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UT Health: A Case Study in Physician Engagement in Transparency

Learn lessons from the field from the University of Texas on engaging physicians in transparency. 

National Physician Leadership Seminar Summary Report

Physician leaders have added challenges in that they must help the provider see beyond their natural tendencies to be autonomous, errorless and a strong sense of being isolated from the rest of society by nature of their profession. It all starts with establishing a mutually supportive and respectful relationship. This report shares key takeaways from NRHI’s National Physician Leadership Seminar in August of 2016.

Jonathan Mathieu

Mary Jo Condon

Ellen Gagnon

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“Total Cost of Care can create the broader picture so we can create strategies around what we do together to effect change.” National Physician Leadership Seminar Participant

Better Care, Less Spending

Arnold Milstein, MD, MPH, Director Clinical Excellence Research Center, Stanford University, share the role physicians have in addressing our national affordability crisis, and how they can lead the way for other stakeholders. 

Making Healthcare More Affordable- A Physician's Perspective

Grace Terrell, MD, CEO, Envision Genomics, shares a physician’s perspective on affordability.