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Technical Aspects of the Measure

Learn how the pilot project team standardized their approach to implementing the HealthPartners Total Cost of Care measure in their regions.


(Run time- 33:47) 

This learning module covers the steps involved in order to privately report total cost of care and resource use to providers and stakeholders in your community. Considerations for public reporting are also shared.

(Run time- 33:12)

This module details HealthPartners’ Total Cost of Care Framework, how it is calculated, and how it can be used.

(Run time- 32:00)

Hear from leadership at NRHI, RWJF, CMS, and key stakeholder groups including health plans, employers, and providers on why the time for Total Cost of Care reporting is now.

(Run time- 59:51)

Stakeholder Engagement

This module is designed for an executive/board level audience. After reviewing this module, you might want to consider showing a portion of the module during a board meeting, or sharing it prior to a board meeting.

(Run time- 11:56)

This module helps to look at TCOC from the perspective of various stakeholders. It provides individual stakeholder perspectives on the benefits of reporting TCOC as well as their greatest concerns.

(Run time- 1:07:19)

Hear from pilot regions as well as Phase II participants on how they made critical decisions that impacted the direction of their project alongside various stakeholders.

(Run time- 32:27)

Hear from purchasers on how their addressing affordability.

(Run time- 25:00)

Hear how regional data is being used to address healthcare affordability across the country. 

(Run time- 33:00)

The Washington Health Alliance, in partnership with NRHI, created a learning module where members of their board of directors spoke about their journey towards price transparency in Washington state.

(Run time- 22:00)

Physician Track

Hear from Arnold Milstein, MD, MPH, Director of Stanford Clinical Excellence Research Center on why TCOC should be a national priority.

(Run time- 10:05)

Hear from physician champions on how data can empower change.

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(Run time- 30:56)

Hear from Arnold Milstein on how he identified positive deviants (practices that spend less money while maintaining a high quality of service).

(Run time- 15:49)

Hear from a physician on the critical success elements to effectively engage physicians in reducing performance variation.